Last Meal

Hmm my last meal , I honestly think it would be a personal Carvel ice cream cake. I literally eat a piece of this cake everyday, that will most likely never change. I think I have an addiction I’ve never had a dessert that tastes so good , and is not too sweet. I knew i was getting old when I started to resent sweets and I don’t really eat regular cake, unless I have a taste for it. But this one isn’t a regular cake, in fact it’s not cake at all its layers of chocolate and vanilla ice cream. With these cookie crumbs that give it life, and a whipped cream frosting. Can’t forget the sprinkles, I believe they’re cotton candy flavored.

I would want to eat this cake by myself, it’s too good to share. But since it’d be my last meal I’d probably eat it with my children and grandchildren (hopefully I have some before I die). I know they’ll like it cause they cant be related to me if they don’t, I won’t allow it.

Oh and can’t forget about my personal butler I plan to have, he or she will eat it with us too.

I really don’t know where I’d eat it , probably in my mansion on my island that I plan to buy when I’m rich.

I think the cake tastes best when it’s frozen but still soft enough to eat. I can’t enjoy it when it’s too frozen and all hard. This is what I plan to make my last meal, and with the life I plan to have I’m pretty sure I can make this happen. I plan to die very old too and I know this won’t be too hard for me to eat.

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