Last Meal

Hmm my last meal , I honestly think it would be a personal Carvel ice cream cake. I literally eat a piece of this cake everyday, that will most likely never change. I think I have an addiction I’ve never had a dessert that tastes so good , and is not too sweet. I knew i was getting old when I started to resent sweets and I don’t really eat regular cake, unless I have a taste for it. But this one isn’t a regular cake, in fact it’s not cake at all its layers of chocolate and vanilla ice cream. With these cookie crumbs that give it life, and a whipped cream frosting. Can’t forget the sprinkles, I believe they’re cotton candy flavored.

I would want to eat this cake by myself, it’s too good to share. But since it’d be my last meal I’d probably eat it with my children and grandchildren (hopefully I have some before I die). I know they’ll like it cause they cant be related to me if they don’t, I won’t allow it.

Oh and can’t forget about my personal butler I plan to have, he or she will eat it with us too.

I really don’t know where I’d eat it , probably in my mansion on my island that I plan to buy when I’m rich.

I think the cake tastes best when it’s frozen but still soft enough to eat. I can’t enjoy it when it’s too frozen and all hard. This is what I plan to make my last meal, and with the life I plan to have I’m pretty sure I can make this happen. I plan to die very old too and I know this won’t be too hard for me to eat.

The Beginning of the End

I started high school in September of 2015 at NFA main. I was so nervous, I didn’t know what to expect. I attended the same school from kindergarten to eighth grade so NFA was a big step for me.

Freshman year was the best year of high school for me. I adjusted quickly and made a lot of friends, which was a good and bad thing. I was more involved with my friends than my school work and my grades became failing ones. I ended up going to summer school for 3 classes , I felt lucky to have another chance to move on to my sophomore year.

Sophomore year I did better grade wise but my behavior became worse. I was suspended on a regular bases & was home taught a lot . When I was in school I was troublesome , my personal problems followed me to school and I acted out on emotion. That June of 2017 I was placed in a Juvenile Detention Center.

I did really good school wise while I was there , I returned home 5 months into my Junior year. There were two quarters left and I was determined to continue Being on honor roll . I went back to main and quickly became overwhelmed. I got used to being in school with no more than 50 students, NFA had thousands. School began to be a problem added to other problems I already had, but I knew I couldn’t just not go anymore. I switched to Newburgh Prep that March of 2018. I did really good there , I wasn’t as overwhelmed and the teachers were very helpful, I continued to make honor roll that rest of junior year.

Then came senior year. Unfortunately Prep had closed that summer , I figured I’d finish my last year back at main , I only had 5 classes. A lot of things were going wrong in my life that they began to effect me in school again. I stopped coming that November of 2018. I was out of school til January, I still had a chance to graduate with my class so I tried again. It was going better but not better enough, I decided to get home schooled that February. I was so emotionally drained that even that wasn’t working for me. I let my grades get too poor to graduate in June so August was the next goal. The school didn’t allow me to attend summer school as “punishment” for something that wasn’t my fault. So here i am , another year of school.

But I’m looking at it in a positive way , another chance for a good last year, to go to prom, meet new people, a new school. I was transferred to the North Campus & I like coming to school again. From how I started high school, I didn’t think I’d be able to finish but I’m here. I like being in a classroom learning new things, being around kids my age , preparing for what life’s gonna bring. I plan to continue school after high school , through the Air Force. My freshman year I was lost. Now, 4 years later, I know what things really matter in life and education is one of them.

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